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Virtual Full Day Event

Create Your 

Success In Life.

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Saturday, March 6, from 9:00am-4:00pm





March 6th, 2021

Are you looking to increase gain clarity of your dream life, and create a plan to move forward into success?


Do you feel stuck in your present circumstances, and you're not sure how to make your dreams for a

better and successful life come true?
Do you feel like you’ve been looping around the same old problems,
making the same old mistakes for years (but you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong)?

Do you dream of enjoying more vibrant health and vitality, closer and more
loving relationships, a more fulfilling career, the chance to truly make a
difference in the world, and the freedom to spend your time and money as you choose...


But you don’t know how to get there from where you are now?
If your answer is "YES" to any of the above, this Virtual Event is where you want to be!


All over the globe, people are full of fear, doubt and worry, wondering how they can make things better…...

for themselves, their loved ones, their communities, and everyone struggling around the world. 

I believe that the absolute best thing to do in these times is what I and my
clients have been doing for a long time now: 


Think bravely, and continue building the success in our life!
When we are brave, we inspire others to be brave.
When we focus on our
success, we inspire and give others permission to do the same.
And the
world desperately needs more people who are living lives they absolutely love!


Yes, these are extraordinary times…
Which is why I am offering you the chance to join me for an extraordinary
event, which will reveal the simple, 3-step system for creating extraordinary successes in every area of your life

Create Your Success In Life Virtual Event


“A life-changing virtual experience – a Full-day deep-dive into the spiritual principles, proven strategies & practical tools for transforming yourself and creating your dream Successful life (all from the comfort  and safety of your own home)”

Led by Success Coach – Lin Yuan-Su

Moved across the globe from China to Canada at the age of 20, and have created tremendous success for herself, Lin Yuan-Su completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences with the passion for helping and serving others. Working as a Registered Dietitian in the public healthcare sector, Lin recognized her longings for expanding her capacity to serve. In her journey to discover and seek, she found her true
calling in life as a Transformational Life Coach, and supporting others to create the success they would love in life! Lin studies Transformation with the Bestselling Author and Internationally Celebrated Dream-Building Expert, Mary Morrissey ® and Brave Thinking Institute.
Lin has been teaching, speaking and coaching over hundreds of clients. She has
supported her clients creating success in all areas in life, in achieving health goals, attracting love and romance, building great careers and businesses, and establishing time and financial freedom!

Lin's Teacher, Mentor and Coach - Marry Morrissey

Mary Morrissey has invested the last 40 years in studying transformational
principles and the invisible side of success. 
She is the author of two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special. She is also been featured in The Moses Code, Beyond The Secret and several other popular films.

Together, with the Gandhi and King Foundations, Mary has addressed the United Nations three times on the topic of nonviolence, and she has been privileged to facilitate three different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Mary also met with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa to address some of the most significant issues that our world is facing.

Over the last 30 years, Mary has taught millions of people, from all walks of life and from all around the world, how to take their dreams from imagination into reality through her books, courses and live events. Mary Morrissey is widely considered the world's foremost expert on success building.

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Virtual Full Day Event

Create Your

Success In Life

A life-changing virtual experience – 1 full day of proven strategies,
spiritual principles & practical tools for transforming yourself and creating a better
life (all from the comfort & safety of your own home)

Here's What You'll Discover at this Inspiring Full-Day Virtual Experience:

At Create Your Success in Life  - Virtual Event, Lin Yuan-Su will guide you – in an
intimate ‘video chat’ setting – through the three stages of success building:


Blueprinting, Bridging and Creating. This is the proven, reliable and
repeatable formula to creating a life you love living, faster and more easily
than you ever imagined possible.


A successful life is a life you Love Living!  This is not your typical, “sit and watch” online event either...

This is an interactive virtual experience like you’ve never seen before!  Throughout the day, you'll get to connect with other participants from all walks of life all working together to create a vision-driven successful life.

You’ll get to participate in small-group activities with others, so you can practice what you’re learning in real time.

All of this from the comfort of your own home – in a safe, supportive online environment designed to inspire you and ignite your dreams!

Here's What You'll Discover When You Join Us In This Life-Changing Event:

Session 1 and 2 - Design Your Own Success in life (Create the Vision) 9:00am - 12 noon.


9:00 am -

12 noon

Once you have a crystal-clear blueprint for what success you would love, your life immediately begins to transform.

Instead of being a circumstance-driven person, you become a vision-driven person. Your thoughts and actions begin automatically aligning with what you want to create... and positively charged people and golden opportunities for advancement begin to "show up" in your life at just the right time (even during chaotic times like we’re living in now!).

In these sessions, you will discover:

- How to create a clear vision for what you would love in each of the four key domains of life: Health and Well-Being, Love and Relationships, Vocation, and Time and Money Freedom (this vision will pull you through these turbulent times, to a life you absolutely love)

- A simple but powerful “5-Point Test” you can take that will give you clarity on whether a dream you are considering for your future is truly worthy of you... BEFORE you invest your time, energy and focus on it.

- How to ask “high-quality questions” that will summon the Universe to provide you with the answers and assistance you seek — so that you can move through any challenges that may arise on the path toward your dreams with speed, ease and grace.

12 – 1pm – Lunch Break

Session 3 – Closing the Gap (Bridging) – 1 – 2:15pm

1:00 – 2:15pm

The second step in the success-creating process is to begin bridging the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.


It's incredibly important that you clean up your mental hygiene BEFORE you begin taking actions on your dreams. Many people skip over this step, and because of this, they either aren't able to produce results... or they may experience some success, only to feel frustrated or disappointed when they "slide back" again.


Starting the afternoon of Creating Your Success in Life event, Lin will guide you through identifying and releasing old, limiting thought patterns that may have been holding you back for years without you even consciously realizing it. Then, Lin will guide you through how to install new, more empowering beliefs that will support whatever it is that you would like to achieve.

In this session, you will discover:

-  How to release feelings of fear, doubt, worry, insecurity and unworthiness holding you back in this challenging time — and replace them with the clarity, confidence and prosperity-focused mindset that will propel you toward your goals and dreams.

-  A simple exercise that will help you see the GOLD hidden in any difficult circumstance or personal tragedy... so you can not only thrive personally in this challenging time, but also be a rock of strength for your loved ones.

-  How to raise your level of "deservedness" — the financial abundance and other results you have (or don't have) in your life will always be in alignment with your self-image, and Mary will show you how to raise this quickly and easily.

Session 4.  – Make it Happen (Creating) 2:30 - 4:00pm

2:30 - 4:00 pm

With the blueprint of what you would love complete and your limiting thoughts in the ideal place, on the session of Creating the Success in Life virtual event, Lin will take you by the hand and teach you how to take the "right"  kinds of action toward making your dreams your reality.

Many people have a disempowering relationship to taking action — experience has taught them that creating change in their lives is difficult, unpleasant and usually unsuccessful. This makes sense, because most people have been taught to take action from a place of force... and as you may already know, one of the Laws of the Universe is, Whatever you resist,


Rather than coming from a place of FORCE, Lin will teach you how to align with the invisible Universal Laws of Success, which will put you in a state of FLOW. Taking the right kind of action toward your dreams will feel easy, and - will give you energy, rather than sapping it from you.


In this session, you will discover:

- How to create a plan of "inspired actions" that you can take to make fast, consistent progress toward your success, free from procrastination and without hard work, stress or worry... so that you'll never end up at a standstill wondering, "What do I do next?"

- How to share your vision of what you would love with others in a way that inspires them to mobilize their energy, connections and resources on your behalf.


- Plus much more!


Create Your

Success In Life

A life-changing virtual experience – 1 full day of proven strategies,
spiritual principles & practical tools for transforming yourself and creating a better
life (all from the comfort & safety of your own home)

Why You Should Claim Your Spot Today!

I invite you to ask yourself...

Do you really want to continue struggling through life? Do you really want to wait until the world calms down to live a life you love? Or do you want to learn the proven, 3-step formula and go-to spiritual tools that quickly create major transformation that lasts?

This is an easy choice.

Right now is the best time to focus on growth, on clarifying your dreams, and on creating a better life for yourself.

If you want to live a better life – Create Your Success In Life – then register today!

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