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1:1 Coaching

VIP 1:1 Coaching with Lin  

To create incredible success fast in your life takes regular

laser focused connection with your vision and individual coaching.

This VIP program provides you with something that is crucial and powerfully impactful – 1:1 lasered-in attention to You and Your Success.

You will also be studying in the Success Mastery

Coaching Program within the group, for you to receive the fundamental teachings and understanding of the Laws governs

success creation and transformation. In addition,

the 1:1 weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour coaching calls will

significantly enhance the progress of your Success Creation.

It is a coaching program like no other!

Success Accelerator Program

If you have a very busy schedule, and you would still love to

have 1:1 time to focus on Your vision, this program is for you!

This program offers flexible commitment length,

from 12-session package to 48-session package.

All it takes is 15-minutes of your laser focused attention

to your vision and your journey with your coach!

This program is extremely powerful for you to stay in the action

of your success creation!

1:1 Success Session Add-on

*For existing clients only*

Sometime in your journey of transformation, you feel you need

extra support. This commitment-free Add-on give you the flexibility

to add a 1:1 Session with Lin at any time!  

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