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Let me Inspire your audience

I am a Certified Mary Morrissey Transformational Life Coach with over a decade of experience in helping people make a lasting change.


I coach through a set of strategic, proven skills and tools, to help create a Dream Life for my customers.

I speak passionately about:

  • Vision Workshops

  • Breaking free from Limiting Beliefs and Self-sabotage

  • Developing Authentic Confidence

  • Amplifying your Vision, and Activating your Best Resources 

  • Strategies for Overcoming Fear, Doubt and Worry

  • Courage and Grit

  • Leveraging from current situations to get the best outcomes 

  • Creating Your Dream Life

  • Elements of Effective Goal Achieving

Each topic can be offered as a 60 minute talk or a

workshop lasting between 2 hours and a full day.


Contact me to explore a customized presentation for your next event. 

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