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1:1 Success Deep Dive 

2 full days, you and Lin, take a deep dive into Your Success,

Your mindset blocks, Your Vision, Your challenges,

Your structure of support, Your plan, Your goals –

it is centred by YOU, and You alone!

This retreat is extremely powerful and impactful!

Available in In-Person (city and hotel to be determined

with client's individual preference, accommodation

and meals included) and Virtual format!

Spiritual Connect to The Source of Success

For any success coaching program, it is only complete

with a Spiritual coaching component. This 4-day spiritual emergent

allows you to discover your True potential, and your true power.

It will also create breakthroughs for you to break free from

deep mindset blocks on your way to your success and vision.

Available in In-Person (accommodation and meals included)

and Virtual format!

Success Strategy Retreat

Taking a deep dive into your vision for your success,

making it crystal clear, generating month to month,

week to week, day to day goals and action plans to create

that vision, all of these and much more are what you can
expect from this high end, business/project focused Strategy Retreat.

Available in In-Person (accommodation and meals included)

and Virtual format!

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