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Group Coaching Programs


DreamBuilder  ® Program

In this introductory 12-week coaching program, you will be studying with a group of your fellow Success Creators, the fundamentals of Success Creation and life transformation. You will spend time to seek clarity of the life you would love living, design your success vision, bridging the gap between your current life and your dream life, and to actually start building that life. You will be provided with

the teaching materials in online format. Every week after your live coaching call, you will see the clarity of your vision and your action steps, and you will feel confident in this journey.

Life Mastery® Program

Life Mastery is the next step after the completion of DreamBuilder Program. It includes 6-month, 24 session in total of weekly live coaching calls in group setting. The studying materials will be provided in online format and/or physical kit. You will take a much deeper dive into the studying of Life in the six key topics: Intuition, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love, and Transformation. Each live call will give you deeper understanding of the Laws and Principles that governor our life. You will feel the expansion in your awareness, and in reflection, in your life, as you go through this program.


Success Mastery    Program

Just like if you would like to become physically fit, you workout regularly -- there is repetition, there is a support structure (with healthy food and the right exercise for your body). It is the same with working with your thinking to create new successful results in life! It takes the supporting structure and repetition, then you will see results over time. 

This POWERFUL program is a combination of the proven, reliable and repeatable teachings from Mary Morrissey, and Lin Yuan-Su! You will be in the study of Transformation and Success Creation for 12-month in a group setting with other Success Creators! With once a week group coaching class, and once a month group Q&A session led by Lin, do expect to see results! This is the Holy Grill of Transformation!

Studying programs included: 

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